Korpus Filtra1

Air filter and resonator design.

Air filter and resonator design. April 2016 – November 2018

The customer asks to remake the air filter and resonator, take into account the updated technical requirements for noise (noise reduction) and aerodynamics for the new line of cars.

We received the initial assembly CAD from the customer: air intake, resonator, filter.

We made design changes and carried out numerical calculations of noise reduction for different frequencies, inserted the results into the report, and send it to the customer.

Noise reduction graphs for different frequencies (the lower the better). A thick black line is the maximum noise level. The numerical values ​​of the frequencies are hidden due to the NDA.


We received a comment from the client – not all frequencies are below acceptable levels.

We carry out a number of design changes and calculations, resulting in an intermediate CAD model.

Final noise reduction graphs – all frequencies meet the requirements.

We also analyze the pressure drop in the air system.


The final product models: filter, resonator, air intake and intake pipe are presented below.korpus_filtra2korpus_filtra1rezonator2.2rezonator2.1imgpng1.2imgpng9imgpng2.1imgpng2.3