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  • Presentation Company Laduga (pdf)
  • Examples of projects of Laduga full catalogs and presentations of solutions (make a request):

Articles and conferences

  • Briefly about Modelika and turbines. A. Filomafitskiy (RUS-pdf)
  • Outsourcing Research and Development under the automobile cluster. Conference “Avtoprom.Avtokomponenty” Togliatti (5-7 October 2011) Article (RUS-pdf) and Presentation (RUS-pdf)
  • The use of mathematical modeling at the stage of research in the design of cars. The Conference of Automotive Engineers 2011 Togliatti (14-15 September 2011) Article (RUS-pdf) and Presentation (RUS-pdf)
  • Development lumped dummy model using HyperMesh , HyperStudy and PRADIS. Altair Engineering Seminar Moscow, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics (5 December 2006) (RUS-pdf)
  • Car body strength optimization in a frontal impact with methods of linear statics. The Conference of the CAD-FEM 2006. (RUS-pdf)

Articles on PRADIS

  • Development of the module of the chassis vibration analysis in PRADIS. N. Markelov, Bauman MSTU. (RUS-pdf)
  • Distributed software system for Pareto set in the problem of multi-criteria optimization of dynamic systems using parallel genetic algorithm. A.P.Karpenko, Bauman MSTU. V.A.Ovchinnikov, LLC “Laduga” A.S.Semenihin, IBM. (Published in “Science and Education” No. 7, July 2008) (RUS-html), (RUS-pdf)
  • Development of mathematical model of the internal combustion engine using a software package PRADIS. A.P. Karpenko, Bauman MSTU. D.T. Muhlisullina DT, Bauman MSTU. V.A.Ovchinnikov, LLC “Laduga.” (Published in “Science and Education” # 01, January 2009) (RUS-html), (RUS-pdf)
  • Development of mathematical model of the internal combustion engine using CAD PRADIS (Presentation). A.P.Karpenko, Bauman MSTU, D.T. Muhlisullina DT, Bauman MSTU. V.A.Ovchinnikov, LLC “Laduga.” (X International Youth Scientific and Technical Conference “High technologies and intelligent systems – 2009”) (RUS-pdf)
  • Simulation of the braking system of the car. Kukhtenko AV, Bauman MSTU. (RUS-html)

Extras (published with permission)

  • Finite Element models use to estimate safety of the vehicle for the pedestrians. E.V. Sivkovskaya, Kurdyuk S.A. (STC “AVTOVAZ”). (RUS-pdf)
  • Features of a technique of estimation hood against a head strike. S.A. Kurdyuk, E.V. Sivkovskaya, A.R. Kirsanov (NTC “AVTOVAZ”). (RUS-pdf)
  • Reconstruction of the angular movement of the car in a frontal impact with the help of linear accelerometers. S.A. Kurdyuk, A.A. Novikov, E.A. Ivanchuk (NTC “AVTOVAZ”). (RUS-pdf)
  • A comparative study of linear circuits installation of accelerometers for the reconstruction of the angular movement of the car in the frontal impact tests. S.A. Kurdyuk, A.A. Novikov (NTC “AVTOVAZ”). (RUS-pdf)
  • Technique of definition of power consumption of the deformable barrier during the test vehicle on the requirements of the UNECE R95 regulations. S.A. Kurdyuk, A.A. Novikov (NTC “AVTOVAZ”). (RUS-pdf)

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