Vehicle design

  • Design and concept
  • Design engineering
  • Calculation support

Components design

  • Component suppliers support in preparation of nomination proposals
  • Providers support in the design process
  • Providers support during the implementation of the product
Helmholtz resonator

Construction design

  • Our experts can design completely new product as well as upgrade produced product. The set of initial data depend on the degree of maturity of the problem.
  • In case of the general idea, we will develop a detailed concept, RFP, the technical requirements for the product.
  • In case of concept, the technical requirements to start work necessary to have environment requirements for manufacturing and assembly technology, properties of used materials. Verification tests are developed for which the product is designed.
  • In case of upgrading of the current product and the availability of test results – performed validation of mathematical models and optimization of products or updating of products to the new requirements.

Simulation and optimization

  • Initial data collection, study goals coordination, target design requirements
  • Analysis and modification of geometric models (in the case of the creation of drawings of geometric models, in the case of only finished product prior 3D scanning, reverse engineering)
  • Calculation mathematical models development
  • Models validation, if we have test results
  • Performing calculations
  • Products optimization
  • Changes alignment with the product designers
  • Calculation of modified construction
  • Making reports

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