Optimization types

  • Topological optimization
  • Topography optimization
  • Parametric optimization

Optimization procedures

  • Search of optimal design parameters
  • mass optimization
  • strength properties optimization
  • frequency properties optimization
  • buckling properties optimization
  • material properties optimization and identification
  • crash test optimization
  • robust optimization

Optimization of the product helps to find the working parameters of the product, increase the work efficiency, get a new structure, reduce the product cost. Optimization could be made both for separate parts and for the entire product. The automatic procedure of optimization let to short the period of the product development, find new ideas.

Topology optimization allows to find an optimal shape of solid. E.g., shape of bracket.
Topography optimization allows to find an optimal shape of shell. E.g., panel of vehicle body or door.
Parametric optimization finds an optimal parameters of design or mechanism.

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