Salome  is an open integrated software platform for numerical computation.

And although primarily Salome  is finite element pre-post processor, it is the core of a computer system, around which now incorporates a variety of CAE solvers (

It is probably the most powerful mesher among the free analogs (Gmsh etc.). In addition, Salome allows you to develop your own software solutions.

As an example stands extensions package Salome-MECA. It has already been closed-source, but still non-commercial product. It has already built-in support for such solvers as Code-Aster (structural analysis) and Code-Saturne (analysis of flow of liquids and gases).

All these products were initially developed by group of French companies and institutions for the calculation of nuclear power plants. Therefore, the packages have powerful analysis tools. In terms of features and objectives of the platform reminds Ansys Multiphysical.

A large number of documentation for these products can be found on the relevant sites:,,

Or website, which shows a distribution of the Linux operating system with the already installed CAE packages.

Because the documentation is usually published in English, and solvers for Code-Aster and Code-Saturne, unfortunately, in French, the Russian-speaking users perform translations of documentation and case studies in Russian. All original documents are available on the above websites.

In Russian are already available follow articles (RUS)

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Laboratory works (RUS)

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