Electronic Car Architecture, ADAS Development

  • Automotive on-board systems Electronic architecture design:
    • functional, circuit, wiring diagrams development,
    • development of algorithms and functions descriptions for systems and components,
    • development of technical requirements, validation plans, key characteristics cards, checklists for checking systems and components,
    • forming a matrix of signals of network interfaces,
    • development of test programs and methods,
    • engineering support during development, calibration and testing.
EA Modeling 0
EA Modeling 0
EA Modeling 1
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EA Debug Resize 1
EA Modeling 0 EA Modeling 1 EA Snag 81bd19 EA Debug Resize 1
  • Development of regulatory and technical documentation for electronic and electrical systems and components
  • Development of electronic architecture and technical requirements for functions and components of the driver assistance system (ADAS) for automotive systems
  • Engineering integration of third-party solutions in automotive systems
  • Development, repair and modernization of control and measuring equipment and stands, development of test programs and methods
  • Design of printed circuit boards, assembly, prototyping and prototypes debugging
  • Development and prototyping of cases, panels, power and signal connections for Electronic equipment
  • Development of embedded electronic devices, including those with microcontroller control systems
  • Repair and development of integrated electronic control systems for hydraulic and pneumatic mechatronic devices
  • Development and modeling of control systems operation algorithms
  • Industrial design and ergonomics of electronic products

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