• Design of Body-In-White and it elements
  • Exterior Design (A-Class Surfaces)
  • Packaging
  • Drafting (ISO/RUS), FMEA
  • All types of FEA (strength, vibroacoustics, acoustics, crash-tests, external aerodynamics)
  • Passive Safety analysis (driver/occupants/pedestrian)
  • Optimization of mass, stiffness and eigen-frequencies. Shape and thickness optimization of panels

Interior and Exterior

  • Dashboard, doors and roof panels design
  • Design of interior elements (handles, levers, plafonds, mats, cover plates, sound-proofing)
  • Packaging
  • Drafting, DFMEA
  • All types of Finite Element Analysis (FEA): strength, vibroacoustics, acoustics, crash-tests, internal aerodynamics, thermal
  • Passive Safety analysis (driver/occupants/components)
  • Optimization of mass, stiffness and eigen-frequencies. Shape and thickness optimization of panels

Car components

  • Mirrors (mechanical, electrical)
  • Windows wipers and risers
  • Door stops and hinges
  • Pedals, levers, locks, handles
  • Modelling of kinematics and dynamics of mechanisms
  • Analysis and optimization of strength

HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning)

  • Air duct design
  • Design of elements of HVAC system
  • Efficiency analysis of HVAC
  • Cabin climate analysis cabin (defrosting, air flow analysis)
  • Analysis and shape optimization of channels, noise decreasing

NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness)

  • Vibration analysis of body panels and reducing vibration by optimizing the vibration-damping coatings
  • The analysis of sources, pathways of noise and vibration
  • Reduced vibration on controls
  • Optimization of car interior acoustic space

External aerodynamics

  • An analysis of the aerodynamic characteristics
  • Analysis of Dirt Resistance
  • Optimization of aerodynamic characteristics
  • Optimization of the position and dimensions of headlights
  • Optimization of the position of the radiator
  • Optimization of the air intake position
  • Evaluation aeroacoustics

Passive safety

  • Analysis of the implementation of the rules
    • Bus crash-test (ECE R66, ECE R107)
    • Crash-test (ECE R94, EG 96/79, ECE R95, EG 96/27, ECE R42 and EuroNCAP)
    • M2, M3 class (ECE R52)
    • Pedestrian safety (EG 03/102, EG 04/90)
  • Test of components
    • Belts (ECE R14), Locks (ECE R11)
    • Seat (ECE R17) and other components
  • Simulation maintenance for certification (“Polinom” company our partner of certification and cars certification)

Pedestrian safety

  • Bumper calibration
  • FEM design
  • Blow to the head analysis
  • Blow to the shin analysis
  • Blow to the hip analysis
  • Estimation of the implementation of the EuroNCAP

Intake system

  • Design of Inlet pipe, Intake unit, Filter
  • CFD analysis of Intake systems
  • Shape optimization of Intake unit and Inlet pipe
  • Acoustics design of Inlet pipe (mufflers and resonators design)
Intake module

Exhaust system

  • Design of “hot” and “cold” parts of Exhaust system
  • CFD analysis of Exhaust system, pressure drop decreasing
  • Acoustic design of Exhaust system (mufflers and resonators design)
  • FEA (Strength, Vibration and Durability analysis) of Exhaust system
  • Analysis and optimization of recirculation gas system (EGR)
  • Environmental analysis of the exhaust system

Suspension and steering

  • The definition of the kinematics of the suspension and steering
  • Simulation test stability and control
  • Analysis of the parameters of stability and controllability
  • The calculation of ride smoothness
  • Optimization of the chassis, steering
  • The calculation of loads on the body
  • Design elements suspension


  • Analysis and optimization of gear ratio
  • Case stiffness optimization
  • FEA Strength analysis and optimization for gears, shafts, levers
  • System analysis of powertrain
  • Thermal analysis of clutch
  • Dynamic analysis of cardan joints and shafts
  • Noise analysis of powertrain

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