F1 Streamlines V1

F1 front wing CFD analysis

Aerodynamic analysis of the front wing of the racing car “Formula-1″. April 2017 – July 2017.

Task: to analyze racing car front wing aerodynamic characteristics and choose a more suitable wing profile.

We get the initial geometry of the car from the customer.

F1 initial-2

We blow the model with an air flow of 230 km/h.

Speed distribution.

Pressure distribution.

F1 streamlines-v1

Initial flat profile of the front wing
F1-initial wing profile

Front wing variant based on E420 profile
F1-E420 wing profile

Front wing variant based on CH10SM profile
F1-CH10SM wing profile

For each version, we calculate the aerodynamic characteristics, we compile it to a single table.

  Initial profile CH10-SM E420
Efficiency (Lift/Drag) Car 0.853 0.980 1.010
Efficiency (Lift/Drag) Front wing 4.466 7.867 7.077
Efficiency (Lift/Drag) Rear wing 3.749 3.707 3.818
% of the Z load on the front axle (Air balance) 37.9 62.7 64.4
% of the Z load on the rear axle (Air balance) 62.1 37.3 35.6


As can be seen from the table in the case of CH10-SM, the efficiency of the front wing is the highest.
However, the efficiency of the entire body of the car is higher in the case of a wing based on the E420 profile.