Participation in the conference dedicated to the development of free software for engineering

“Laduga” сompany took part in a conference “Cloud computing. Education. Research. Development 2013” organized by ISP RAS. This conference – one of the few in Russia, that address the topic of free software, in particular package OpenFoam.
On the conference was read many reports about the use of open source software for industrial and academic problems. On the final day of the conference was seminars on practical application OpenFoam for various problems, participants could develop their own solvers based on the OpenFoam.

“Laduga” engineers read the report on the themes:

  • Mesh adaptation algorithm based on the evaluation of a matrix sample (RUS-video)
  • The use of open software products OpenFoam, Code-Aster, Salome in the company’s projects (RUS-video)

ISP RAS – Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The main areas of activity of the institute is basic research, applied research for industry and education.