Company Laduga participated in the 2nd All-Russian Conference on LS-Dyna in Snezhinsk

Company “Laduga” took part in the 2nd All-Russian Conference on LS-Dyna in Snezhinsk.
During the conference, workshops were held on the new model of destruction (GISMO) and simulation of the stamping process in LS-Dyna. Seminars were leading by experts in the world of LS-Dyna: Dr. DuBois and a representative of DynaForm Dr. Jeanne He.

The time and location of destruction strongly depends on the size of the finite element model for conventional material models. Therefore, the tasks of destruction has always the need to develop finite element models with equal element sizes. Also depending on the size of the elements heavily dependent force and deformation fracture point.
Model GISMO allows you to calibrate a model material for different sizes of elements. After calibration failure occurs in the same conditions regardless of the size of the elements. This allows the use of non-uniform grids for complex designs.

The seminar deals with the theoretical foundations of modeling material such GISMO typical examples and solved problems of destruction.

At a seminar on modeling of processes of stamping studied problems arising in the design process of sheet forming. Consider the theory, methods to ensure the quality of forming parts with A-Class surface.
Based on the product DynaForm was studied all the stages of die design, stamping process simulation, design and optimization of the designed parameters of the process.